Chuck or Cherish

Having mature trees around your home can be both a threat and a benefit. The question is, does having trees near your home add value to or take away value from your home?

Leaves and evergreen needles can build up on top of your roof and clog your gutters if they are not cleaned off regularly. Evaporation occurs less in shaded areas causing long term moisture which promotes the growth of mold and algae. Unless you have algae resistant shingles, the life span of your roof is reduced by such growth. On the other hand, having towering trees around your home can be beneficial by reducing your roof’s absorption of UV Radiation. UV light baring down on your roof top contributes to the deterioration process so the less UV light absorption the longer your roof will go without needing to be repaired or replaced.

We have all seen terrifying images of trees that have fallen on homes or large branches sticking out of windows after a sever storm system. To this end, having large and mature trees near your home can be a great threat to your property. However, if the trees are situated upwind of your house, they are capable of blocking strong winds from peeling of your shingles during sever storm weather. Otherwise, tree branch removal would  be a good idea!

Having mature trees near your home may also invite critters like squirls and raccoons to frequent your roof tops. Raccoons are infamous for chewing and tearing through roofs and finding refuge inside of your attic where they’ll more than likely attempt to give birth. Aside from critters frequenting your roof tops and possibly breaking and entering, having ample tree shade over your roof top can keep heat from entering and getting trapped inside of your home which could overwork your air conditioning unit or add on to your discomfort if you don’t have Air conditioning

In conclusion, having mature trees near your home can be beneficial and does add value to your property. However, you should remain vigilant and inspect nearby trees for weak limbs and branches that are identifiably hazardous before and after server storm weather.


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